Red Dots Community Update – the search continues

We’re now into the heart of the campaign and things are progressing well! This community log summarizes the latest action from the past few weeks.

More data from HARPS has been released….

The big update this week is the release of the second batch from HARPS. As of 10th August, we now have 33 HARPS epochs of the 50 possible ones for Proxima, Barnard’s and Ross 154. Data on Proxima remains tricky to interpret. Whilst the signal of Proxima b remains strong and growing in significance, the longer-term signal is more mysterious. Read more on the latest science log and join the conversation on our Forum.

HARPS measurents overplotted to the best fit two-planet model.

In other news…

Zaira M. Berdiñas from the Red Dots team recently visited the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC) located in Granada (Spain) and met with Pedro Amado. Pedro is the principal investigator of CARMENES, a spectrograph specifically built to detect habitable Earth-like planets orbiting stars much cooler than the Sun, aka. M-dwarf stars. You can read about their conversation in the Red Dots article.

Fantastic support from the pro-am community continues…

Thanks to volunteer astronomers from all around the world we have now logged over 15,000 photometric observations to the AAVSO database for our three target stars. Access to the AAVSO database of photometric observations is freely available to anyone online and light curves can be generated using the AAVSO light curve generator. You can meet some of our volunteer astronomers in our latest pro-am article.

Ellinbank Observatory – Southern Australia

Coming soon…

Check out the latest VLOG from the Red Dots team! As always, we’ll be releasing more data as it becomes available throughout the campaign. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information as the campaign progresses. Don’t forget – join the conversation with the Red Dots Forum!