Life at the observatory – winds and clouds at La Silla

It is no secret that this year’s weather hasn’t been very good at La Silla. From 25 scheduled observations, we managed to obtain only ~10 of them. Still, life continues at the observatories. When not observing (like last night, Jul 15th), astronomers and support staff use their time to work on other things and make the best of their days.

Observatories are remote locations and can offer breathtaking scenery. Here we present a beautiful time-lapse of the fight between the wind and the clouds at La Silla filmed and prepared by Nicola Astudillo-Defru from Observatoire de Genève, who is also an exoplanet researcher working at Observatoire de Genève/Switzerland. We hope you find it as amazing as we do.

“We can still enjoy the life in the observatory even with bad weather. While the center of Chile is under a snowstorm, here at La Silla the clouds coming from the south are fighting against the wind of the Atacama dessert, coming from the north. Finally the clouds won the battle and the telescopes remained closed for the cold night (-4 C) of July 15th, 2017.”. Credits : Nicola Astudillo-Defru/Observatoire de Genève