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    Cliff Kotnik

    I thought I would share some data I have collected and submitted to AAVSO.
    AsroImageJ Image and Graph

    From what I have seen in this forum, perhaps I need not attempt to capture all night series, but rather try to capture on more nights. Any other suggestions? B, Rc or Ic of interest?

    I also see that H-alpha would be of interest. What value should I use for comp star C2 in H-alpha?

    Cliff Kotnik


    Cliff Kotnik

    Should have made that a link rather than image:
    AstroImageJ Image and Graph


    John Strachan

    Hi Cliff,
    Thanks for showing us the very nice photometric data you have captured so far for Barnard’s star. We are looking for activity on the star which can be periodic (related to rotation of the star) e.g. if there are spots and also any random events such as flares. We are also looking for potential exoplanet transits which are periodic but of unknown period – as Barnard’s star is relatively quiet you should be able to see them with your data providing the transit is deep enough… So please observe when you can – the more you observe the more chance you have of catching something. As far as the Halpha goes please just use the R band magnitude for the comparison star C2 which is 11.30.

    best regards


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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